Wednesday, January 11, 2006


blogger was able to recover my information!! regular traffic has now resumed at the one and only: brooklyn TWEED
my sincerest apologies for dragging you all over cyberland!

back with a vengeance

well, who knows if anyone will even find this new site - two weeks ago blogger DELETED MY BLOG by mistake and wiped out all my old information. i've been trying to recover it but as of now have no other options than to start anew. horrible news, but we move on. you can still read the old posts at but i can no long update there.

i've been knitting fiercely and have so many projects on the horizon its a little daunting. christmas was wonderful and i gifted many-a-handknit item. i finally started a hat FOR MYSELF and have included a pic of it below:

its a great little hat. i'm finished with it now but haven't taken completed photos. at this stage of the game, i had run out of yarn, but ordered another ball and have completed her.

The pattern is winter femme, a great free pattern from dmade and the yarn is SWTC Karaoke. a WONDERFUL yarn that i had raved about in a previous post. its soy silk and wool. very soft with amazing colors and subtle self-striping tendencies [like a much more calmed-down version of silk garden...]. just my style.

In other news, i've started a pair of socks with some great Italian sock wool from school products. The pattern is my own toe-up version that I'm figuring out as I go. Not sure how they'll turn out, but the colors are great. and i'm a whore for stripes. so its cool.

As promised ages ago, here are some model shots of the completed Nautilus. A great pattern of which i knit 2 of this christmas. This version was given to my step-mother, although i had jenny model it for the camera.

Materials: Misti Alpaca Worsted in White
Needles: US 6 16" Circs.

Now i'm off to get the word out about the new web address. the annoying thing is that i can't even access the old site to let people know of the change. pass the word along if you do end up getting here! sorry for the confusion